Booking Confirmed

Confirmed reservation

We are pleased to inform you that your reservation request has been received and confirmed.

Important information: PAYMENT PROCEDURE

To guarantee the RESERVATION it is essential to make the payment of the Deposit and the Management Expenses. If you want you can also pay the proportional monthly rent (from the day of your arrival at the end of that month).

Payment by WIRE TRANSFER: It is essential to send the proof of the transaction to the email If after the maximum period of 24 hours the notification of the payment made is not received, the reservation will no longer be guaranteed and will be canceled in our system.

Monthly rent: the rental price is for days. You must calculate your payment by multiplying your days of stay or the days of the month to pay, for the daily rental price (You can check it in the file of your room or in your web space).

Bail: corresponds to the rental amount of 30 days.

Administration fees: they have a cost of € 60 (one-time payment per contract).

* Guaranteed reservations are subject to confirmation of the availability of the providers, which will be notified within 24 hours.